Vacuum Dissolver Attachment

Use your dissolver as a vacuum dissolver without purchasing a new unit – order the CDS vacuum attachment system.
For certain applications involving highly viscous products such as adhesives, pastes, sealants, it is hard for air to be released from the product. High-speed dispersion induces air into the product; therefore, dispersion under vacuum is needed. The containers are placed into the container receptacle and secured in place. After your components have been added, simply place the glass cover onto the container receptacle which is over the vacuum shaft guide tube. The impeller height can easily be raised or lowered during the dispersion when working with highly viscous products. View your sample through the large glass cover.

Ordering Information:
To order the complete CDS vacuum dispersion attachment system, please order the following:
1. a single-wall or double-wall (for temperature cooling) container receptacle
2. a glass cover
3. a vacuum seal system
4. a stainless steel container

cds-double-wall-receptacle.jpg     cds2.jpg     cds-glass-cover.jpg     cds4.jpg

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