Safety Device

safety-device.jpgIn order to minimize the risk of injury during the operation of a dissolver the safety device is available for most Dispermat®  models. For the European Union countries the safety device is required by law. The safety device consists of:

■ Height adjustable, stainless steel telescopic motor shaft protection pipe. The protection pipe prevents clothing or hair from being entangled on the shaft.
■ A device that prevents the horizontal movement of the dispersion impeller.
■ Height adjustable central clamping system to securely hold the sample container. The clamps are adjusted by a hand wheel. The system has limit switches that are engaged only when the clamping arms have a firm grip on the container.
■ A safety limit switch that prevents the motor from operating when the impeller blade is above the sample container. The switch is user adjustable for different container heights. On several models the height adjustment is electronically
■ The lower limit height of the impeller can also be set to prevent the blade from striking the bottom of the container. Depending upon the model the lower limit is programmed electronically or by a set collar.