Basket Milling System

Basket mills are extremely efficient grinding systems made up of a grinding basket that is lowered into the millbase for dispersion. The TML turns your high-speed Dispermat® disperser into a closed double walled basket milling system. After completing your predispersion, the dissolver shaft can be replaced by the TML basket mill without the need of any tools. During operation, the grinding basket stands still while the milling shaft, to which the milling tool, dissolver disc and pump wheel are fastened, rotates. The rotating tool agitates the beads inside the basket which disperses the millbase. The dissolver disc and the pumping wheel then generate effective circulation of the millbase, helping to provide excellent results at a very fast rate.

■ Bead filling volume of 50-80% for high energy milling
■ Excellent product circulation via the dissolver disc and pump wheel
■ Double-walled grinding basket for cooling or heating (except for TML05)
■ Basket mill systems allow for easy cleaning – great for changing products quickly
■ Uniform average residence time guarantees a homogeneous dispersion all the time
■ No dead areas due to effective millbase circulation

The TML Basket mill system has many optional accessory items.
■ Ceramic lined milling chambers and components
■ Vacuum system to eliminate air entrapment when milling
■ Scraper arm system for high viscosity applications
■ Nano option to accommodate bead size diameters down to 0.2mm

                                                                                                               The standard TML has a sieve size of 0.5 mm for 1.0 mm
diameter beads of greater. The TML nano kit can be
ordered with either 0.1 mm sieve for 0.2 mm beads or
0.2 mm sieve for 0.4 mm size beads.                                       
tml2.jpg tml3.jpg
The basket mill is submerged into the millbase. The shaft speed is set to
create a circulation of all the millbase through the basket. The material
enters from the top of the basket mill, through the milling chamber and
exits from the bottom. The milling process continues until the desired
particle size reduction is achieved.
Since the grinding media is contained in the basket mill, separating
the millbase is easily accomplished by raising the basket mill out of
the container.




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