Bead Mill

The Dispermat® SL laboratory and pilot plant bead mills are closed, horizontal mills with high output and extremely low dead volumes. The Dispermat  SL incorporates many new operating features and benefits to assist in attaining greater productivity, improved quality performance and cost savings with difficult to disperse materials.

The Dispermat® SL can be configured for a single pass or recirculation of the product. Product pumping or throughput can be controlled independently. Models are available thatallow you to choose between operation with a constant speed or constant mechanical power, which allows for excellent process control and easier scale-up. Dispersion of highly viscous materials can be accomplished by using the optional feeding press.

sl-c.jpg■ Control of throughput rate independent of rotor speed
■ Easy assembly and minimized dead space which allow for quick cleaning and small mill bases
■ Millbase separation by dynamic gap of 0.3 mm allows for use of beads 0.9 mm or bigger
■ Shaft sealed by mechanical seals
■ Excellent temperature transfer due to cooling water system with an extremely large surface area
■ Milling chamber is all stainless construction – other materials available on request

Note: Dynamic Gaps of 0.1 mm and 0.15 mm are available option.



*The standard supply vessel is made of polyamide.
The stainless steel vessel in the picture is an option.
Digital Display: Power input, Torque, RPM, Tip speed, Work hours, Run time


Additional Options and Accessories available on request
■ Exproof bead mills and pumping systems
■ Ceramic, hard metal or polyurethane milling chamber and/or agitator
■ Stainless steel double wall supply vessels
■ Scraper system for the inside of the supply vessels

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