For particle size dispersions below one micron, a nano-milling system will achieve the desired results. The SL-Nano horizontal bead mills have the same proven features of the SL-C bead mill product line. A new filtration system allows the use of 0.1 mm diameter bead size. Larger size beads can also be used. A high flow circulation is achieved with an independent pumping system attached to the milling chamber. A re-circulation or single pass configuration is standard. The “C” technology with the optional software documents the dispersion parameters. This information is very useful for R&D experiments and plant scale-up.

■ High power input for rapid results
■ Grinding media sizes down to 0.1 mm
■ A wide selection of milling chambers from 50 ml to 2 liters
■ Data display and recording of key dispersion parameters
■ Compact design to save on bench space

The SL-nano can be ordered with a ceramic lined milling chamber and rotor. Explosion proof versions are also available.

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