CN Series

High Speed DisperserHigh Speed Dispersers for Large Volume

The Dispermat® CN series is designed to give you maximum performance at a reasonable price. The CN model series consist of powerful laboratory models to pilot plant sizes to disperse up to 31 gallons.

■ Compact stand with control electronics built into the disperser to save on bench space
■ Electronic lift controls for precise positioning of the impeller height
■ A high torque 3-phase motor design with a separate ventilation fan for excellent operation at any shaft speed setting
■ The central clamping system securely holds the container in place in the proper position and automatically centers it with the dissolver
■ The latest safety device design is standard to maximize a safe operating environment
■ Optional accessories are available to convert the Dispermat CN to a media mill, to disperse under vacuum, or to homogenize with a rotor-stator



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