CV Series

High Speed Laboratory DispersersHigh Speed Laboratory Dispersers

The Dispermat® CV product line offers the most capability for your laboratory dispersing requirements. Mill base quantities from less than 1 pint up to 2.5 gallons (10 liters) can be dispersed. The CV models have a flexible design that can be converted by accessory options to perform media milling, dispersing under vacuum, or homogenization by a rotor-stator. The most current safety device features can be added to the CV models to maximize a safe operating

The CV models have a compact design to save on bench space.The motor design provides a quiet, low maintenance operation. A temperature sensor with automatic shutdown prevents the motor from over-heating.

■ Precise constant speed control for repeatable results
■ Motorized stand for precise impeller height positioning
■ Simple and quiet operation
■ Optional mill base temperature measurement readout The Dispermat CV panel displays the important dispersion parameters for a consistent result.
■ Display of speed, %Torque, Product temperature, Timer
■ Adaptive turn sensitive speed control
■ Timer function with display of pre-selected time or elapsed time
■ Timer control to a second pre-programmed speed

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