LC Series

High Speed DispersersHigh Speed Dispersers for Small Volume

The Dispermat® LC Series offers an economical design for small laboratory volumes to pilot plant volumes up to 10 gallon capacity. The motor design provides a quiet, low maintenance operation. A temperature sensor with automatic shutdown prevents the motor from over-heating. The Dispermat LC stand comes with a heavy-duty clamping system to firmly hold the container. The larger Dispermat® LC models, LC110 and larger, have a safety device stand as well as a electric lift to easily move the disperser motor. The Dispermat design can accommodate accessories that can convert the LC model to a media mill or a vacuum dispersing system.

■ Simple and quiet operation
■ Durable design for long-term operation
■ Constant speed control for repeatable results – Keeps a constant speed even when the viscosity changes
■ Timer function to track dispersion run time


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