VL series

High Speed Vacuum DissolversHigh Speed Vacuum Dissolvers

The Dispermat® Disperser VL vacuum dissolvers are perfect for laboratory or pilot plant operation where it is critical not to induce air into the product. BYK-Gardner offers a wide variety of different vacuum dissolver models and special designs on request, such as explosion-proof models, containers with a ball valve drain, and different cover designs. For work with highly viscous or non-flowing materials a scraper system is an available option. The scraper device goes around the inside wall of the container to force the material toward the center of the container.

■ Quick-release fixture for secure mounting of vacuum container
■ Height adjustment of milling tool during dispersion for optimal results with highly viscous material
■ Motor technology ensures a smooth start with variable speed controlled by modern frequency converters
■ Double-walled SS containers with inspection glass, viewing light, product inlet, and air release valve on the cover
■ Motor is cooled by a separate fan, remains very quiet during operation – you barely know it is running
■ Container size available from 1 liter to 60 liters
■ Containers 10 liters and higher come with 4 wheels and drain valve for easily handling
■ Patented “C” technology to run under constant speed or constant power



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