Products Overview

BYK-Gardner, the sole representative of VMA-Getzmann in North America, supplies rotor stators, rotor-stators, high shear mixers, laboratory dispersers and pigment disperser technology for laboratories and pilot plants.

Laboratory Dispersers - The Dispermat product line offers a variety of high shear mixers to meet the needs of various markets and industry applications. (should we link to markets served page too?) Dissolvers are used for easy to disperse pigments, most inorganics and for pre-dispersion and wetting of hard dispersible pigments.

Media and Bead Mills - For hard to disperse pigments, most organics and some inorganic pigments to achieve a very small particle size, we offer horizontal bead mills, basket mills and the APS system..

Vacuum Dispersing - Select a vacuum dispersers for the lab or pilot plant when it is critical not to induce air into the product or for water soluble products.

Containers & Impellers - BYK-Gardner can provide a wide selection of accessories such as containers and impellers to meet to application requirements.

Rotator-Stator/ Homogenizers - Due to the comprehensive process control, the Rotator-Stator Dispersion System is particularly suitable for R&D.

Nano milling Technology - The Nano Milling Technology can be used for wet grinding in laboratory when achieving particle size results below one micron is desired.