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Is a high speed pigment disperser right for me?

An Intro to Dispersion Machines

The disperser you use in the lab can make a huge impact on your bottom line and quality assurance. Do you have problems scaling up formulations from the lab into a consistent product? If you do it may be time to learn more about the Getzmann Dispermat disperser. With the Dispermat you get the power and precision, you need to break down pigment particles into small and consistent particle sizes. The Dispermat product line has precise motor control, and constantly measures the dispersion parameters to provide a consistent dispersion.

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A frequency converter constantly monitors the motor shaft speed to maintain the RPM setting. Think of it as a cruise control for your disperser maintaining a constant motor speed throughout the dispersion enables you to achieve consistent and repeatable, results. You get a large selection of Dispermat models to choose from, so you can get the disperser that meets your exact needs. There are a variety of accessories that will make it possible to perform vacuum milling, media milling, and basket milling.

Optional high shear dispersion blades, and the homogenizer accessory make it possible to do almost any formulation with one piece of equipment. The Dispermat disperser also has built-in safety features that make it one of the safest dispersers on the market. The motor automatically turns off once the blade is above the container. The container is clamped in place while dispersing, and the disperser motor will not turn on if the container is not properly clamped. And the motor shaft has a protection pipe that covers the shaft during operation. There is a good reason that so many of the largest coding and ink manufacturers in the world, use the Getzmann Dispermat dispersers. They know that the disparate last for years and requires little or no maintenance while delivering power and precision.

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