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2-in-1 TORUSMILL® TM Production System

Highly-Efficient Combination Dissolver & Basket Mill

The TORUSMILL® TM is a patented 2-in-1 dispersion system which allows for a particularly economic and environmental dispersion of high-quality products. With the TORUSMILL® a pre-dispersion with a dissolver disc and afterwards, fine grinding with an integrated basket mill can be made in one process and one container. This innovation intelligently combines proven high speed dispersion technology with a basket mill system.

In operation, the TORUSMILL® is first used to pre-disperse the product with a dissolver disc. During pre-dispersion the torus-shaped basket is “parked” in the upper part of the machine. After pre-dispersion the milling basket containing the milling beads and the milling disc is lowered into the mill base and the fine milling process can begin. The fast circulation of the millbase within the milling basket is generated by the dissolver disc and integrated pumping wheel; because of this, excellent dispersion results and a very narrow particle size distribution can be achieved very quickly. Due to the fact that no pumps, pipes, valves and additional containers are necessary, the cleaning is very easy and a quick change of the millbase is possible.

The TORUSMILL® TM Dispersion System

  • Particularly robust and functional design
  • High-end process control and monitoring capability
  • High-circulation rates even with highly viscous products due to the patented pumping wheel
  • Excellent milling results, with small particle size (even nano), as well as narrow particle size distribution
  • Simple scale-up from the laboratory system TML to the production machine TM
  • Customers can use their own containers
  • The double-walled milling basket allows for optimal temperature control
  • Easy-to-clean which allows for quick product changes
  • Saves space and maintenance costs due to the 2-in-1 system
  • Variable container capacities up to 2,000 liters
  • Power output 37-55 kw
  • Ceramic components available for color-sensitive products
  • Vacuum, PLC control, wall-scraping system available
  • Explosion-proof models available

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2-in-1 TORUSMILL® TM Production System
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