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Additives for Electrical Energy Storage & Conversion

Improving the Production Process and Product Performance

Our sister company, BYK Additives, provides innovative solutions to influence the behavior of materials at the interface. Some of the key steps during the production of Li-ion batteries, supercapacitors and fuel cells are relying on the dispersion of particles, the control over interfaces, as well as the accurate coating of substrates. Therefore, BYK additives can create value for our customers in the area of electrical energy storage and conversion.

EV (electric vehicle) Li-Ion battery

In the field of electrochemical energy storage & conversion we provide
solutions for the following components systems:

  • Li-Ion Batteries
    • Additives for Electrodes
    • Additives for Separator Coating
  • Supercapaciters
    • Additives for Electrodes
  • Fuel Cells
    • Additives for PEMFC
    • Additives for SOFC

More information can be found here.

Additives for Electrical Energy Storage & Conversion
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