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Adhesives and Sealants – How BYK Dispermats Can Help

Here at BYK our unique product line of VMA-Getzmann Dispermats offers state-of-the-art blenders, dispersers, and mills that are widely used throughout the adhesives
and sealants manufacturing industry.

The end quality for any adhesive or sealant is highly dependent upon the type of mixing equipment used. Everything from the disbanding of polymers into solvents, to ensuring the proper grinding of rubber and let-down of master batches can all have a direct and significant impact on the final product.

At BYK, we understand that one of the critical elements for any adhesive and sealant applications is ensuring proper air removal, which is why our current line of vacuum dissolvers are designed to effectively remove unwanted air and gases from within the container with up to 10mb of pressure.

Each of our VMA-Getzmann Dispermats incorporates the latest mixing technologies that are currently being implemented in several of today’s adhesives and sealants manufacturing plants. Our newest equipment designs have been recognized as a viable solution for several of the common product and mixing challenges found within the industry including:


Commonly used within the medical, fiber optics, and electronics industry, these multi-component reactive mixtures are used for several industry needs. Our VMA mixers and Dispermats can specifically be used to help accommodate those specific product needs of fillers, colorants, thickeners, adhesion promoters, etc.

Hot Melts:

Thermoplastic adhesives are specifically designed to melt with ease within special application tools. Our Dispermats allow for low and high viscosity materials and are often used to help shape hot melts into their final form.

Latex Sealants:

These sealants are typically used for common needs such as filling gaps or holes within wood, providing padding for
electrical outlet boxes, and assisting with glass glazing. Completing these high viscosity mixtures under vacuum operating
conditions are made possible with either our Dispermat VL or VE or CDS attachment.

UV & Light Activated Adhesives:

Found within the automotive, medical and dental industries, these applications require UV & light cured – activated
adhesives for effective bonding, sealing and coating applications which our VMA-Getzmann Dispermats provide.

Pipe Joint Compounds:

These compounds are commonly used for sealing either metal or plastic pipe joints and can be produced in either low or
high viscosity solutions.

Polybutene Emulsions:

Emulsions come in a wide range of applications including that of lubricants, sealants and adhesives, coatings, personal
care products and more. Because of the wide range of applications we offer a variety of shear mixers and dispersers
through our VMA-Getzmann line.


Polyurethanes come in a wide range of product forms and densities including that of both a Zexible and rigid foam. Often
used for thermal insulation, gel pads, and structural parts, our VMA-Getzmann Dispermats helps meet the unique mixing
needs by o=ering vacuum dissolvers that o=er multiple mixing speeds and are temperature controlled.

Rubber Cements and Adhesives:

These adhesives are commonly used to allow for easy removal of applications without damaging the structure or leaving
any trace of adhesive behind. Ideally used for specialty papers and within cement mixtures to secure laminates our VMA-Getzmann Dispermats allow for effective mixing by easily dissolving the polymers at high speed.


Silicones are used within a variety of applications and can vary in product consistencies. Due to the wide range of needs, this unique product often times requires a diverse range of mixers, blenders, and dissolvers within the manufacturing process.

Looking to learn more about our lab dispersers and mixing solutions?

Request a copy of our FREE CATALOG or contact us directly at (800) 343-7721. Our specialists on the BYK-Gardner Dispersion Team are available and ready to assist.

Adhesives and Sealants – How BYK Dispermats Can Help
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