The dispermat line of high-speed dispersers offers a wide variety of containers and impellers to fit virtually every laboratory and pilot-plant need. The containers are made of high grade polished stainless steel.

Cowles Blades, Containers, Drums, Impellers from BYK-Gardner

For effective cooling water circulation, containers can either be a single wall or heavy-duty double wall. The double containers can range from 50 ml to 65-liter sizes. The water outlets are threaded for quick coupling fittings and have valves to prevent the cooling water to drain from draining off the side walls. The couplers are connected to the water supply and drain hoses. For the larger double wall containers, a drain valve located at the bottom of the side-wall is available. This drain valve makes it easy to remove the sample from the container. since it allows the container to be mounted on a stand. With a handle to tip the container, the contents can easily be poured from the top. For the double-wall containers, stainless steel split covers are available for vessel sizes from 125 ml to 65 liters. The split covers prevent the sample from splashing out of the container during the dispersing step. The split covers have a hole in the center to allow room for the disperser’s motor shaft. For the largest single wall containers, side carrying handles are built-in for easy transportation. Ceramic lined containers can be made upon customer request.

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An Introduction to Cowles Blades

The impellers for high-speed dispersion are also referred to as Cowles blades. The Cowles blades have a tooth profile that is rotated at a high rpm to create the shear force to break down pigment agglomerates and aggregates. A wide variety of blade sizes are offered from 20mm to 250mm. For optimum dispersion results, the blade diameter should be between 50% – 75% of the inside diameter of the sample container.

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Rotor-stator Homogenizers, and Impellers from BYK-Gardner

For mixing applications different style blades are available. Propeller blades are best for liquids that have medium to low viscosity. For a higher shear level, a rotor-stator homogenizer accessory is available.

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The APS bead milling system requires disk or pearl mill type impellers. The purpose of these impellers is to move the grinding media until enough collisions are created. The pearl mill heads consist of three offset disks on a common shaft. The pearl mill head is rotated between 1,000 to 3,000 rpm. The disk impellers come in either a single disk or dual disk configuration. The single disk is made of Teflon. The dual disk is made of polyamide. Different disk diameters are available to fit the various size containers for the APS system.

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