BYK-Gardner Laboratory Disperser and High Speed Mixer

Our current selection of high-speed dispersers ranges from small motor sizes that can easily accommodate half-pint volumes to large motor sizes for volume needs of 30+ gallons. Our entire line of high-speed dispersers incorporates the latest motor technology to ensure a safe, quiet, and low maintenance operation.

With more than 50 models to choose from, our current line of high-speed dispersers comes equipped with the following features:  

  • Durable stainless steel design for reliable and long-lasting operations
  • Digital displays on controllers for easy and accessible viewing
  • Speed control settings for stable and repeated disperser blade results
  • Clamping systems on containers to ensure safe operation
  • Functional low maintenance designs
  • Efficient and quiet running motors

Determine Your Quantity Needs:

Small Lab Quantities (Less than one gallon):

For small lab quantities, our Dispermat LC and CVab disperser lines are the ideal selection.

Each motor design offers sufficient torque at low speed operation and is ideal for paint mixer applications up to 20,000 rpms. Occupying a small amount of bench space, each disperser comes equipped with built in temperature sensors that help prevent motors from overheating by automatically shutting down when temperatures rise too high.

A variety of impeller and mixing blades are also offered for each Dispermat and are uniquely designed to handle a wide range of sample containers.

Large Lab (One gallon and up):

For larger lab quantities, over one gallon, BYK offers three separate Dispermat product lines.

Our AE, CN, and VL disperser series are each uniquely designed with the latest safety devices. All speed dispersers come equipped with a shaft protection pipe, limit switches to raise and lower height movement, along with a central clamping system.

Lift motors come standard for easy lift and lowering of the disperser motor. Cooling fans are also available on most models to prevent over-heating while also allowing for motors to run at lower mixing speeds.

With our proprietary “C” technology, our large lab disperser line increase particle size consistency by effectively controlling energy settings and integrating it with additional systems through your lab.

Dispermat Accessories:

To enhance the functionality of our dispersers, BYK offers a wide range of add-on accessories. The add-on accessories are uniquely designed and tailored to fit both our small and large lab mixers. Our current line of ad-on accessories helps support the following functions:

  • Media Grinding
  • Dispersing Under Vacuum
  • Basket-Milling
  • Rotor-Stator System

Request a catalog today to learn more about our complete line of lab mixers and products.