The dispermat product line of high-speed dispersers is the most comprehensive line of high shear mixers on the market today. The disperser selection ranges from small motor sizes for less than half-pint volumes to very large motor dispersers for pilot plant sizes of 30+ gallons. The entire line utilizes the latest motor technology for safe, quiet, and low maintenance operation.

With more than 50 models to choose from them they all have the following features:

  • Durable design for long-term operation
  • Controllers with digital displays for easy viewing
  • Constant speed control for repeatable dispersion results
  • Container clamping systems for safe operation
  • Low maintenance designs
  • Quiet running motors

For small lab quantities, the Dispermat LC and CV disperser line is the ideal selection. Their motor stand occupies a small amount of bench space. The motor design offers sufficient torque at low speeds for paint mixer applications to 20,000 rpms for high shear dispersing jobs. A temperature sensor is built into the motor with automatic shutdown to prevent damage from overheating. A wide variety of impeller and mixing blades are offered to handle a wide range of sample containers.
For larger quantity dispersing over one gallon, the Dispermat line offers three separate product lines. They all offer the latest safety devices. The safety devices include a shaft protection pipe, limit switches for low and high height movement, and a central clamping system. A lift motor is standard so any individual can raise and lower the disperser motor. A cooling fan is available on most models to prevent over-heating of the disperser motor and allows for running at low mixing speeds.

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A patented feature of the larger disperser line is the “C” technology. Based on the principle that dispersion results are directly correlated to the amount of energy applied to the milled material, the Dispermat “C” models can be programmed to run under constant power. The operator can run the dispersion by selecting an energy setting in watts. An energy setting is useful for controlled experiments and plant scale up. The C-version models’ digital read-out will display the shaft speed, torque, energy, tip speed, mill-base temperature, and dispersion time. Software is available to transfer the dispersion parameters to a personal computer. Dispersion settings can be stored in the software or the microprocessor of the Dispermat. The setting can be recalled for a future dispersion run.

Another unique feature of the Dispermat design is the flexibility to expand the capability of the high shear disperser. Accessories can be ordered to configure the Dispermat to perform media grindingdispersing under vacuumbasket-milling, and homogenizing using a rotor-stator system. The accessories can be ordered after the Dispermat has been delivered to your facility. There is no need to order two separate dispersers or mixers to accomplish different dispersion tasks. The Dispermat can be set-up to perform high shear dispersing in the morning and converted by the operator for media grinding in the afternoon. The add-on accessories are not limited to certain sizes. There are a wide variety of sizes for volumes from a half pint up to 1.5 gallons.

Besides the high shear disperser line, VMA-Getzmann has several horizontal bead mill models. The sizes range from 50 ml to 2000 ml milling chambers. They are user selectable for single pass or multiple pass running. Faster dispersion results are attainable compared to a ball mill system. In the recirculation configuration, finer grinds are achieved versus ball milling. The C – Technology is also available with the bead mills.

Explosion proof models are available for the Horizontal Bead mills and High Shear Disperser line. The explosion-proof design complies with the current US and European standards.