Specialized Vacuum Dissolver Dispermat VL used for cannabis processingProper blending and dispersion of different types of cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) are critical for a successful product. Vapes, oils and edible products such as gummies will see a big measurable improvement in quality and consistency by using the correct blending and mixing equipment.

Blending high-CBD strains with high-THC can produce a more enjoyable effect than non-homogenous products. Best results are achieved by the so-called “Donut” effect during the mixing process.

During the cannabis processing, the Dispermat line of mixers and homogenizers are specifically designed to achieve the best distribution of THC and CBD components in a finished product. By using the optional vacuum attachment CDS or the specialized vacuum dissolver Dispermat VL for the mixing and blending process terpenes are protected from oxygen degradation.

With more than 50 models to choose from, the Dispermat® product line includes high-speed, low-speed, bench-top and rotor-stator style mixers, a variety of blades, tanks, press-outs, mills, controls and complete systems.

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