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Visit BYK-Gardner Dispersion & Milling Laboratory in Wallingford, Connecticut

BYK-Gardner’s dispersion and milling lab at their BYK USA location in Wallingford, Connecticut. The new lab will feature the latest state-of- the-art dissolvers and media mills from VMA-Getzmann.

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Since 1988, VMA-Getzmann and BYK-Gardner have successfully worked together to cultivate a thriving partnership. BYK-Gardner, the experts in testing and measuring instruments has an exclusive agreement to represent VMA-Getzmann in the United States and Canada, offering laboratory, pilot-plant, and production solutions for its diverse customer base.

Utilizing ALTANA synergies between different businesses, the dispersion lab will feature a complete lineup of the latest DISPERMAT technology, including CN10, CV3+, SL5, and SL12, along with the newest AE models.

Fully accessorized, the modular nature of the DISPERMATS will allow them to function as both dissolvers and wet media mills.

The new dispersion lab will function as both a demo location and on-site location for customer seminars. The lab provides a unique opportunity to improve our customer relations while harnessing ALTANA synergies between different businesses.


Andy Stummer, The Business Line Manager in North America has been with BYK-Gardner for over 12 years and will be handling all DISPERMAT sales and demo efforts. Interested in a tour of our lab? Speak with Andy about your dispersion challenges and he’ll match you with the proper equipment for your application. Better yet, come to Wallingford, CT and experience our DISPERMAT products for yourself.

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