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High-End Cannabis (CBD) Manufacturing Mixing and Blending Solutions

The Dispermat R Series for CBD Manufacturing

BYK-Gardner offers a wide range of laboratory mixers and
stirrers to support your growing CBD manufacturing business and cannabis products.

Our DISPERMAT® R series laboratory mixers and stirrers are designed for mixing, homogenizing, and suspending your CBD, THC, or hemp product ingredients. Due to its high torque, it is particularly suitable for high viscosity cannabis applications such as gummies, chocolates, supplements, oils, and a large variety of cosmetic applications.


  • Integrated stainless-steel control panel and a digital display to adjust speed, motor height, and power.
  • Robust bottom plate made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • Quiet and brushless AC motor that is height adjustable with minimal vibration.

DISPERMAT® R series Accessories for CBD and THC Products:

Depending on your mixing requirements, we offer a variety of mixing tools and attachments, including propeller blades, butterfly stirrers, dissolver discs, three-armed stirring blades, and our vacuum system.
For every CBD and THC lab manufacturer who uses our products, we recommend a propeller, dissolver disc, and butterfly for your accessories.

The Vacuum System:

The vacuum attachment is especially useful when producing gummies where air entrapment can be eliminated which results in more consistent and color stable products. Tiny air bubbles can also cause variations in flavor and appearance. The use of a vacuum system will also protect cannabinoids from oxygen degradation and CBN formation.

Wall Scraper System:

In order to guarantee a perfect mix with high viscosity and pour-flowing cannabis substances, a scraper system is essential. The product which is found at the inner wall of the container is scraped off and added to the center of the mixing vessel. This guarantees that all material is used in your mixing process.

To learn more about our lab mixers for CBD manufacturing, request a catalog.

High-End Cannabis (CBD) Manufacturing Mixing and Blending Solutions
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