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High shear mixers

Need High Shear Mixers for laboratory, production and pilot plant use?

We would be pleased to show you the impressive work of our DISPERMAT®dispersing and mixing systems.

An emulsion is a finely distributed mixture of two liquids such as oil and water. The rotor‒stator system is designed to overcome the interfacial tension to enlarge the interfaces by input of high mechanical energy with the rotor‒stator system. 

A suspension is a heterogeneous material composition consisting of a liquid containing finely distributed solids. The solids can be further processed by the rotor‒stator to form smaller particles.

In the rotor‒stator system the product is sucked axially into the dispersion head and pressed radially through the slots of the rotor‒stator system. As a result, the product is accelerated and exposed to high shear stress and shear rates. In addition, the turbulence in the shear gap extensively mixes the emulsion/suspension. DISPERMAT® rotor‒stator dispersers are available as immersion or inline systems.

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