• C-Technology

    The DISPERMAT dissolver is fitted with the C-Technology Control Panel

    • Graphic display – indications of speed, torque, power, product temperature, timer , peripheral speed and height of the dispersing tool
    • Repeatability – dispersion method: constant speed and constant power input for an optimum repeatability
    • Data recording – recording of the process parameters with graphical indication
    • Switch‒off parameters – Switch‒off function for temperature, speed, torque and power
    • Database – 100 individual PRESET configurations for H1, H2, speed, timer, switch‒off parameters etc.
    • Power compensation – calibration of the net power
    • Height measurement – adjustable working range for different container sizes
    • WINDISP 7© – Data interface to WINDISP 7© software for documentation, analyses, research and development and quality control

    Tutorial Videos